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The Beldrins Bluff Campaign – Players Guide

This campaign will be an attempt to meet in the middle for our game group as per discussion and notes! It will be encounter rich when possible to flex your characters muscles and will keep the dice rolling on skills tests. It will rely heavily on modified published materials (scaled to be level appropriate). Each session will attempt to be a contained story. Inside each you will be looking for a hidden artifact that will contribute to the greater campaign theme.

Sessions will be open and you may come and go as your schedule permits without breaking continuity for your character. If you wish to remain in reserve for a session you will simply level with the rest of the party without consequence.

It will begin with Level 1 Characters from a 20 pt buy with a nautical theme (Coastal Industry, Seafaring skills/careers, Mercantile interests or Navy ideas) and will be contained in 'power' by choosing lower 'tier' classes and archetypes for the sake of balance. Refrain from summoning classes/spells for speed of play and have character sheets/cheat sheets prepared to make playing your character time-efficient.

Your story begins in the Shackles. The wiki entry has this to say briefly about the inhabitants;

" The population of the Shackles consists mainly of runaway criminals, escaped slaves and the buyers and sellers of illicit goods "

With this in mind I am open to many character ideas but most of all I would love if the group chose a "Party composition" early on. Here are some things that come to mind;

  • Band of Gypsies.
  • Traders from Varisia.
  • Novice Pirate band.
  • Ulfen raiders (Vikings).
  • Simple fishermen.
  • Cartographers from a guild.

Since it hasn't been done. I want to do it. Get the entire party under the pretense of co-operation before a single dice is rolled. You can know each other – well. Decide on your relationships prior so that RP will be easier come by between party members.

(Are you brothers? Twins? Friends? Coworkers?)

Either way ensure at all times that your character and playing habits are conducive to having fun.

If you have anything to add feel free to offer it in #Pathfinder_notifications on Discord and I will revise the player guide!

Players Guide

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