The lost piece of the city of Absolom

Halil Inalcik Ahnkamen stands upon the perilous edge of a coastal cliff in the Precipice Quarter of Absolom. 

Below him, under the crashing waves, is a large portion of Beldrins' Bluff. His home taken under the sea by a large earthquake that was so perfect in the design of its damage that it could only be the work of the gods.

"Why…" he whispers to himself. "You bastards have ruined my work. I will get to the bottom of this!"

A spray of seawater cast up towards him only serves to remind him how fresh the wound is. It stings. He pulls up the collar of his heavy overcoat and steps back.

Halil of House Ahnkamen, son of Matron Neferpatra Ahnkamen, had taken to living in the district 6 years prior. He favored it for the view of the Sea. His tower had been south facing so as to always look out towards his ancestral homeland of Osiria. The tower in which he had made his home was expensive, exorbitantly expensive, as where the artifacts he had brought home from his many trips into Osirian tombs over the years.

Attempts had been made to recover what the more wealthy residence had lost but none had been successful. It would take magic, powerful magic, to raise anything of worth from the depths. Halil did not just want to raise his artifacts though…

He wanted to raise the entire district.

Beldrins' Bluff